Sigma 24-35mm f/2 DG HSM ART Lens

After my great experience with Sigma 35 mm 1.4 ART & 24 mm 1.4 ART, I took on the hybrid of these lenses which also happen to be another great lens in the ART series, the Sigma 24-35 mm f2 DG HSM Art Lens from AAB World- KUWAIT. One of the reasons to test this lens, was the usefulness in most of the genres, be it street, landscape or wedding photography with its descent wide aperture of 24 mm all the way to 35 mm focal lengths.

I have read great reviews so far and now it’s my turn to put on this cap. I was instantly mesmerized with the great, sleek look of the lens and the feeling and touch when put on my camera All the Sigma Global vision lenses are par beyond excellence when it come to the look and feel. With only a couple of days in company with the lens, I had the need to ensure the performance of automatic focus (AF) and quality of sharpness in the output, etc. The AF is blazing fast, tried at 24 mm 28 mm and 35 mm the results were excellent at all the focal length.

This time I took the lens during the festivities season, the National day & liberation day of Kuwait. The decision was very clear, first stop, the Heritage market (Souk Mubarakiya), which was already decorated for the season, where I could test some shots with the available wide aperture of f2 in low light and the background blurred out with decorative lights.

The first image shot with this lens give me a great measure of low light performance and shallowness in depth of field, that’s when I decided to stay back and shoot more with the decorative lights bokehéd out and the overall atmosphere of the souq. Being the wee hours of the morning before sunrise, there was literally no people in the souq and the whole place was at my disposal, I had all the freedom to shoot anything anywhere, no restrictions!

Results: Sharp results in the center of the image, very little vignette at the corners, which I really do not mind when I shoot at f/2 and the topping, a very fast focus.

Shooting in Kuwait was and is always a pleasure, reason being, all places are in a hands reach. All the lenses I have tested were results of photo walks, serene landscapes, beautiful cityscapes, etc in Kuwait. Be aware of the few locations where photography is prohibited.

I personally never had any feelings of restrictions in Kuwait as many would say. Being at the right location at the right time can avoid a lot of issues. Overall, Kuwait is a great place to do photography.

The market was not opened for business, but the mornings are when auctions happen at the fish market. At the entrance of the fish market, I came across many smelly subjects. I clicked a few shots and then entered into the fish market.

The beauty inside the market was, I could open up my aperture to the widest as the available light was very less and ended up getting some beautiful frames with the fish in the foreground. Moving towards the subject, the lens was very helpful with its near macro capability, at almost 10 cm close, I was able to get some sharp frames. The close encounter gives beautiful bokeh and a beautiful shallow depth of field, not distracting and colors tends to stay saturated.

After wrapping up in the fish market, it was time to move to the main market. The cleaners have just started their shift, and sticking to my plans, check the lens’s low light performance.

After shooting a couple of shots, it was proved to be on of the great lens for a day to day carry around lens.

Personally, I am a big fan of prime lenses, but the performance in 24, 28 & 35 mm focal lengths, made me think for a while.

Tried some long exposure and depth of field shoots near the seaside, to check the performance with different lighting conditions.

A very good lens for wedding and event photographers, with its wide angle for capturing the overall scene and a descent 35mm for capturing portraits. On the other hand, for videographers, the zoom on this lens is as smooth as it can get comparing to most of the other lenses in the market. The focus ring and zoom rings are also the widest making it easy to get a grip on.

Below are some fast action shots along with my friends. The performance was not bad for fast shots, although not made for the purpose.

Without a cityscape shoot, my review is incomplete. Below image shot from AL-Hamra tower, was under dusty conditions.

Al Hamra View.

Sigma's Global Vision lenses all have an excellent, classy, high-end look. this lens also filled the values in its territory. Thanks to its unique f/2 maximum aperture, excellent build quality and the value for money it delivers.

Thanks to AAB World for the lens and support

Thanks to Al hamra management & for the roof top access

Thanks to my FQ8 team to helped me for the shots & reviews

Another time... another gear..

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