Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 Dg Os HSM Art

I have been planning to write about a detailed test ride review about the All new Hi resolution Lens Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM Art.

It is a new fast standard zoom lens for full-frame DSLR cameras. It will also work with APS-C sensors with an effective increase in focal length.

I Had tested many months from the date of release and realize the advantage, usage, and durability from all these period. I did few international travels only for photography with this lens to get multi nature wilderness. And extremely satisfied with the results. 

The Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM Art features a rounded 9 blade diaphragm which creates an attractive blur to the out of focus areas of the image. It also offers built-in optical image stabilization, an Hyper Sonic Motor for fast and quiet autofocusing, and has a minimum focusing distance of and a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:4.8 with a weight of 1.2Kg. The weight is bit high but I don’t have any issues with a great lens with some extra pounds.

The main difference with the other brand lenses in this series is, the wider front element which is 82mm. so those who use filters they need to get the filter with 82mm thread. The perfect combo for this lens is canon 5Dsr, Nikon D850 & Sony A7RIII.

In one of my trip through the waterfalls, I slip off and fall down in to the rocky water flooded area, the lens hit on the rock and blasted out the hood. But the lens didn’t get any scratches or dents, or even it dint make any issue with the focusing. From there I realize the excellent built quality of ART series lenses. The ART line Build quality is amazing given the comparatively affordable price tag. The lens has a plastic shell with a mixture of metallic parts and a compound material, TSC (Thermally Stable Composite), used inside. It also incorporates a brass bayonet mount that's supposed to be more durable. The optical elements are made of high-grade glass. 

I had used the lens  for my professional industrial photo shoots, the wide aperture f/2.8 help me to shoot with no strobes and flash set up. i tried in HDR mode, and got good color and sharp hi-resolution images as result. there was a bit pincushion  in the frames, but i could manage easily that with Lightroom. because this lens has Canon Lens data compatibility.

Shoot many landscapes on my travel, and different weather situations which is Rainy, mist and Arabian hot weather. the lens perform well in all the situation. images down showing the different focal distance shoot, to show the quality of photos in all the focal length. I read in many comparison about this lens and DXO, which is 50mm is the sweet spot for this lens, other than canon on 24mm & Nikon has 24 & 70. but for me personally didn't feel big difference in all the focal lengths. most of them are same sharp result.

24mm focal length the angle of view

35mm focal length the angle of view

50mm focal length the angle of view

70mm focal length the angle of view

The Focus ring is bit narrow rather than the other ART series lenses. But still its positioned an rubbered good to make it handy. The front element for the lens doesn’t rotate. So its good to use with polarizer filters. The AF is super quick. All the way from 24mm to 70 mm. and the HSM motor performs well with no noice. There is a slight fall off on the corners if you shoot with 24 mm. but its so easy to clear it in Lighhtroom. There is a slight barrel distortion and pincussion on 24mm and 70 mm almost same like the other brands performance. 

in  NO filter long exposure, it performs well the top frame is 200 second long exposure frame after the sunset. and the lens performed great to bring out all the colours

The front glass element is coated with dust and splash proof material. So this lens is too good to use extreme weather. Bokeh is great on f/2.8 in every focal noticeable thing is set to my mind is its sharpness. As SIGMA says, this lens is specially made for hi resolution cameras, yes its performance shows it..

also had some experiments with hi ISO (ISO 3600) in the night with long exposure. the image came out well

the focus speed and performance in low light is also great. Tested in one foggy morning in between the military abandoned vehicles and came out with great result

A clear distance scale in both feet and meters runs from the closest focusing distance of 37cm / 15.0in. to infinity. The Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM Art ships with a good quality soft case and also a plastic petal-shaped lens hood (LH876-04). In terms of features, the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM Art offers everything that you need from a standard zoom lens. This very usefully includes built-in Vibration Reduction, activated by the OS switch on the lens barrel, which offers around 3 stops of compensation. Focusing is usefully internal and manual focusing is possible when set via the Focus switch on the lens barrel. Full-time manual focus override is also available at any time simply by rotating the focus ring. 

The starburst effect at f/18 is super. there is a bit flyer but the quality of the frame is pleasing.

I am extremely thankful for AAB world Kuwait for allowing me to experience the power of this lens. those who are the authorized dealers in Kuwait. and my fotografiaQ8 team for support as well.

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See you another time... with another gear.... cheers...!!! 

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