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Monsoon Landscape in meghalaya

Northeast India is a land of undulating terrain, with lush green plains dotted with sweeping hills, swaddled in a wraith-like mist. Translated as the abode of clouds, many have remarked upon its topographical resemblance to the Scottish Lowlands.
This beautiful state, nestled between Assam and Bangladesh, is noted as one of the wettest places on the planet. Meghalaya's rich diversity of flora and fauna includes many rare species of birds and animals making the state fabulous for photography during monsoon.

This trip will be centered upon chasing wild, monsoon weather over a landscape, waterfalls that cascade down deep gorges, winding through beautifully terraced fields, around stone caves and stunning rock formations. Most of all, low clouds kissing the gorges, an amazing sight to make pictures of that you will cherish for the rest of your life. We shall visit parts of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, which are richly endowed with natural beauty. Cherrapunji, situated aloft the southern fringes of the Khasi Hills, amidst the clouds, is a mesmerising town carved out of a dissected plateau. Also known as Sohra, it is home to the Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest plunge waterfall in India. The living root bridges found in Sohra and Mawlinlong are unique in the world and an amazing sight of bio engineering to behold. The Karngsuri Falls in the Jaintia Hills are particularly beautiful and allow one to shoot from inside them with the water cascading like a curtain before you

Where: Parts of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills
When: 02 - 07 August 2018

Tour Leader: we all are travelers…!!
(Sigma Lenses & Benro Ambassador Mr. Shafimon choolookkaran will be with you for the workshop and lead the team.)

Physical Requirement: Trek type. (Walk, steps down to the river & up to the mountain)

Highlights: • Waterfalls • Cloud Formations • Rivers • Caves • Hills • Cliffs • Forests • Gorges and More •

What to Carry Mandatory

• Digital SLR

• Sturdy tripod

• Circular polariser

• Shutter release

• 4–10 lens cloths

• Backpack with rain cover

• Warm clothes / Windcheater

• Walking boots and rubber sandals (light weight)

• Raincoat and umbrella

• Insect repellent

• Large, sturdy polythene carry bags

• Torch Optional

• Wide angle lens

• Normal zoom lens

• ND Grads, Solid NDs etc.

• Laptop loaded with Photoshop

• Sunscreen

• Hat/Cap

• Camera rain cover

• Gumboots

• Head torch

• Silica gel sacks in camera bag

Trip Cost: 400 USD (approximate 125 KWD).

To be paid before June 30th 2017.

Trip Includes: Entry fees, Start to End Travel expenses, Landscape photography Guidance, Dinner.
Stay: For two Shared room.

Trip excludes: Visa for non-Indians, Airfreight (from – To) to Shillong & Personnel habits. Lunch & breakfast.

Trip starts from Shillong 3rd August morning 6:00 AM and ends at Shillong 8th August 10:00 am. All the participants should reach at Shillong 2nd August before 9:00 pm.

For more info& Group Package, Mail to: magichands07@gmail.com or call: +965 55845092

Note: Trip will proceed only if there is enough members.

Living root bridge - Rivali village
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